Stainless Steel Mastercool Wet Section Replacement for 4500 cfm models with 8" pads PSSDM400

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Product Overview

Stainless Steel replacement wet section for Mastercool 4500 models with 8" pads.

Comes complete with pads, pump, float, brass drain, stainless steel housing, top, tray, and water distributor cover. Water tank is welded and tested against leaks.

Comes with matching aluminum front screen.

Fits Mastercool models MC43, MC44, EC430, EC440, CMC431/432, CMC441/442.

Stainless wet section dimension is 27-1/4" tall x 42" wide x 16" deep. This is 1" less depth than the original. This is usually not a problem but for units supported by leg stands the legs may need to be moved.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review