Evaporative Cooler Pads

Evaporative Cooler Pads

We carry evaporative cooler pads and media in many sizes and styles. Listed below are some of our most popular sizes. Be sure to check the categories to the left as well. If you do not see the size you are looking for please call us at 602-997-1256 or email to indoorsupply@yahoo.com. We can have most sizes of cooler pads made custom - usually with same day turnaround.

Modern evaporative cooler pads are made from corrugated cellulose sheets treated with anti-rot agents. These pads provide superior cooling power due to their unique design. Rigid Media swamp cooler pads are easy to clean and will last for many years with proper yearly maintenence. These pads are used in several newer style cooler brands such as Mastercool, Aerocool, and Ultracool. They are also used in agricultural buildings like green houses and animal enclosures.

Mastercool by Adobeair Sizes* (Width x Height x Depth)

 8" Mastercool Pads PAD100 - 40" X 23" X 8"Fits the following models: MC43, MC44, EC430, EC440, CMC431, CMC432, CMC441, CMC442 PAD200 - 40" X 28" X 8"Fits the following models: MC63, MC64, EC630, EC640, CMC631, CMC632, CMC641, CMC642 PAD400 - 48" X 44.5" X 8"

Industrial Size. Fits the following models: DM080, MMF36

12" Mastercool PadsPAD120 - 40" X 23" X 12" Fits the following models: HC43, HC44, HPC430, HPC440, CHC431, CHC432, CHC441, CHC442 PAD220 - 40" X 28" X 12" Fits the following models: HC63, HC64, HPC630, HPC640, CHC631, CHC632, CHC641, CHC642 PAD500 - 48" X 44.5" X 12"

Industrial Size. Fits the following models: DM120


Mobile Mastercool by Adobeair

Mobile Mastercool units use pads that are more tightly woven then the larger evaporative cooler units. These pads provide cooler air from a more compact pad. They should be replaced every 3-5 years or more often in areas with hard water.

3426 - 10" X 20-1/4" X 2" Fits Mobile Mastercool model MMB10, Symphony model SPM20 3427 - 15-3/8" X 24-5/8" X 3" Fits Mobile Mastercool model MMB12, Symphony model SPM30 3428 - 20-1/8" X 28-3/8" X 3" Fits Mobile Mastercool model MMB14, Symphony model SPM45


Mastercool Window Cooler Sizes (Width x Height x Depth)

Fits Mastercool models MW5500, MRC55W, and MMB16

KPSW- 4 pieces total. Qty 2 - 30" tall x 9-1/4" wide x 8" deep, Qty 2 - 30" tall x 9-1/4" wide x 1" deep. Fits Mastercool Slimwall 3000 model. *Note* Standard pads, not high density.


*Please double check all dimensions before ordering Mastercool pads. Mastercool coolers produced BEFORE January 2009 are the Adobeair Sizes.

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