Stainless Steel Wet Section Replacements


We now carry a line of stainless steel replacement wet sections for Adobeair Mastercool models. Replacement modules bolt right to existing Adobeair Mastercool blower sections and can be adapted to Champion and Aerocool brand coolers.
They are highly resistant to rust and corrosion.


Modules come complete with:
*Stainless Steel wet pan, housing, top, pad tray and water distributor cover.
*Premier select rigid evaporative cooler media.
*Pump (Let us know what voltage, 120 or 240 volt)
*Aluminum Bird Screen Assembly

PSSDM400 - Replaces 4800 cfm 8" pad
Model #s
MC43, MC44, EC430, EC440, CMC431, CMC441, CMC432, CMC442

PSSDM600 - Replaces 6500 cfm 8" pad
Model #s
MC63, MC64, EC630, EC640, CMC631, CMC641, CMC632, CMC642

PSSDM420 - Replaces 4800 cfm 12" pad
Model #s
HC43, HC44, HPC430, HPC440, CHC431, CHC432, CHC441, CHC432

PSSDM620 - Replaces 6500 cfm 12" pad
Model #s
HC63, HC64, HPC630, HPC640, CHC631, CHC632, CHC641, CHC642, HPM65

ssmodule5.jpg ssmodule2.jpg ssmodule3.jpg

Wet sections are large items and can only ship via freight truck. Shipping charges do apply.

To order, call 602-997-1256 or email

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