PMI 1" SPIDER BEARINGS for 4500 units 5-3-38 2 per package

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3.00 LBS
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OEM Bearing 2 pack for Phoenix Manufacturing 4500 series evaporative coolers. Fits the following model coolers: FS450 FS450 TD4800 TD4801 TD4802 TH4800 TH4801 TH4802 DM4800 HM4800 PD4800 PD4801 PD4802 PH4800 PD4801 PD4802 PD4232 PH4232 BW4500 BW4501 BW4502 BW5000 BW5001 BW5002 BW5500 BW5501 BW5502 BD4000 BH4000 WH4801 WH4802 WH4803 WH4401 WH4402 WH4403 FK481 FK482 FK483 FK451 FK452 FK453 MB10


(No reviews yet) Write a Review