Aerocool Trophy Sidedraft Evaporative Cooler 8" pads 3800 CFM (850 Sq. Ft)

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160.00 LBS


Cooler only. Motor and other accessories sold separately.


High Efficiency Rigid Media The Aerocool evaporative cooler beats the others cold, it is more efficient and less costly to operate. In fact, it is up to 13% more efficient than conventional coolers. Rigid media material provides cooler air and can last up to 10 times longer than old style aspen pads.

Pro-Armor The polymeric inner structure completely shields the wet section from corrosive interaction, providing long life and worry free operation.

Low Sump Pump The most powerful pump on the market today. US Patent #5,527,157

Easy Access Gravity-Held Doors Easy to remove access doors reduce maintenance time.

MIRROSCOPIC Blower Shaft Finishing A PMI Exclusive, This yields a 90% improvement over the industry standard ground finish. This means quieter operation and longer bearing and shaft life for your cooler!

Peblar XT Protective Powder Coat Our exclusive Peblar XT surface preparation is the highest quality architectural grade finish used in the industry. This durable multi-layer bonded treatment protects your cooler against corrosion and assures years of reliable service.

Optional Accessories

Pro-Shield This weatherizing panel prohibits wind and cold from entering into your home during the off-season. Easy to install, media protection is also afforded thereby increasing the life of the unit.

GreenPac Accessory Package Go green with the PMI GreenPac accessory package. This package includes the energy saving Nth Degree Digital Thermostat and the water saving CustomClean Programmable drain cord controller with an extra drain pump.

Discount Available for In-Store Pick Up in Phoenix, AZ. Call 602-997-1256 for details.

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