Swamp Cooler Purge Pump 240 Volt 1543

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Product Overview

This drain pump automatically replaces the stale, dirty water in the evaporative cooler with fresh, clean water every six hours the cooler is in continuous operation. Mineral deposits, algae and bacteria get washed out, so the water stays purer and the air stays virtually odor-free. The systematic flushing of the pan prevents unnecessary water usage and can save up to 3,000 gallons of water per month (When compared to bleed off system). Features EXTEND PAD LIFE: Saves money, time and maintenance. REDUCE WATER USAGE (When compared to bleed off system). Conserve natural resources and save money. REDUCE MINERAL BUILD-UP: For clean, fresh air. - Replaces Clean Machine CM240B - Purge Pump Only - Does Not Supply Water to the Pads


(No reviews yet) Write a Review