Frigiking Evaporative Cooler 3000 CFM Sidedraft Aspen

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150.00 LBS


Frigiking FS350A evaporative cooler, base unit only. Includes 120 volt pump, float, drain, belt, pads and bleed off. Motor NOT INCLUDED.

See below for motor and accessory ADD ON OPTIONS.

One of these can typically service up to 800 square feet of residential space with ceiling height of 8'. Features natural Aspen wood fiber (excelsior) pad media.

We normally stock this unit. Please be advised that during the busy summer months we may sell out and lead times from the factory can be 45+ days for re-order.

Product Brochure with Sizing Specs

Add on Motors and Accessories

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2202 1/3 HP 120 volt
Matching motor sheave 6190 3-1/4 x 1/2

7623 Low Voltage Thermostat and Control Box Package
7617 Line Voltage Digital Thermostat
7110 6 position Rotary Switch

1541 Purge Pump Add On
5009 Bleed Off Kit

Please contact us if you need help determining options for your application.

Reliable Performance - Minimum Maintenance
Frigiking brand evaporative coolers feature aspen pads for a clean, affordable home cooling option.
Available in downdraft and sidedraft, 3000, 4500, and 6500 cfm models these coolers are versatile and economical enough to fit any house and any budget.
Also great for make-up air, greenhouses, kitchens, grow rooms, dog kennels, garages, mechanic bays, dry cleaners, laundromats, warehouses and anywhere else where fresh, clean, economic cooling is needed.

Discount Available for In-Store Pick Up in Phoenix, AZ. Call 602-997-1256 for details.

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