Aerocool Pro 4800 Downdraft Complete Evaporative Cooler System - 120 Volt 3/4 HP Motor, 4x4 High Efficiency Media, Digital Thermostat, Purge System

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220.00 LBS
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Product Overview

Aerocool Pro Brochure

Benefits of the Aerocool® Pro Series


Pro-4×4 Media (1)
This high-efficiency blend of media delivers colder air than any other home comfort evaporative cooler sold today.

Pro-Armor (2)
The premier single inlet cooler with polymeric inner structure that completely shields the wet section from corrosive interaction.

Easy Access Gravity-Held Doors (3)
Easy to remove access doors reduce maintenance time.

The cooler’s “brain” saves money by giving just the right amount of cool all the time. The new “Softspeed Transition” feature creates smoother operation when the motor automatically changes speed.

Low Sump pump (5)
The most powerful pump on the market today. US Patent #5,527,157

Flomate (6)
Flomate-quality water distribution system improves wet-out. US Patent #5,130,063

Pro-Clean System (7)
Drains and washes the unit daily and can save as much as 3,000 gallons of water a month as compared to standard bleed-off system. US Patent 5,527,157

PMI Exclusive MIRROSCOPIC™ Blower Shaft Finishing Process
This yields a 90% improvement over the industry standard “ground finish”. This means quieter operation and longer bearing and shaft life for your cooler!

Factory Installed Wired Motors (9)
All components are completely pre-wired by the factory, thus reducing installation time and increasing reliability.

This weatherizing panel prohibits outward heat loss and cold air from entering into your home during the off-season. Easy to install, media protection is also afforded thereby increasing the life of the unit.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review