Aqua Chiller Personal Neck Cooler - Absorbs Water and Cools Through Evaporation (Random Color & Pattern)

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Product Overview

The Aqua Chiller personal necktie cooler is made with specially formulated water absorbing gel that stays hydrated for up to five days and maintains a cool evaporative effect on the fabric surface that transfers your body heat away to keep you cool. The Aqua Chiller is washable with soap and water and reusable over and over.

No refrigerator or freezer needed! Simply soak the Aqua Chiller neck wrap in cold water and in 20-30 minutes it's ready to keep you cool while you work. Great for working on HVAC and coolers on the roof or anywhere.

The Aqua Chiller helps relieve the heat of:
- Hot Weather
- Work or Sport
- Outdoor Activity
- Travel

Random color and pattern. Specific colors available on request.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review